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La Feria De Los Moles: Mole Festival

One of my all time favorite dishes that I would love to learn how to cook from scratch is mole. The ingredient list seems endless with a variety of spices, chiles, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, and so on. Not all moles are the same- they are several types from Puebla and Oaxaca that use different spices and chiles. Oaxaca is a state where the most variety of moles exist, counting seven main versions of the Republic of Mexico: Negro (black), rojo (red), coloradito (colored), mancha manteles (table cloth staining), verde (green), amarillo (yellow) and chichilo. My favorite type is the mole poblano which orginates from Puebla, Mexico. Although my family has never spent the many hours that it takes to make it, they would often brew up the spicy thick sauce from a jar. (I think I just heard a gasp from across the blogosphere.)

Founder (second to left) with Coordinators of La Feria de Los Moles

Recently, I was invited to a special mole presentation and tasting preview of La Feria De Los Moles. We were served hot steamy mole poblano with chicken, rice, beans, and tortillas. It was so delicious that I had to resist the urge to lick my plate! We also had a chance to taste the Oaxacaño mole which had a dark smoky flavory to it. It was served with a flavorful white rice. I think it’s tasty goodness came from garlic.

This Sunday, October 09 at Olvera Street in Los Angeles, California you can taste various moles at La Feria De Los Moles. It’s an all day event, so bring the family for some good eats and a taste of history! There will be an array of over 13 different Mexican Moles to choose from ranging from sweet and savory to hot and spicy, will provide the opportunity to taste the best of the best in mole between the state of Puebla and Oaxaca.

4th Annual Feria de Los Moles
Sunday, October 09
Olvera Street in Los Angeles, CA
10:00am to 7:oopm
Free Admission
Food wiil be available for purchase