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Hi there and welcome to Catalina In LA! 

Catalina In LA serves only to share and hopefully entertain the readers who follow this blog and to those who just happened to stumble across it. On this blog, I  share my experiences of places I visited throughout Los Angeles county and things that interest me. Sometimes I include other travels outside of Los Angeles county. Every now and then, someone will invite me to participate an event exclusively for bloggers and or media. It’s not often, but when these invites do come in, I gladly except only if it truly interests me and it is relevant to this blog.  If I have time, I may share those experiences with my readers.

If products are mailed to me, I will except it only if it peeks my interest. Alas, I am not paid to have products mailed to me nor am I expected to review them. If I do review them, it is done only because I feel that my readers will want to learn about said products. Plus, I have to feel excited about said products because I will not fake something nice to write.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
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I, Catalina Juarez, do not receive monetary compensation for any products received. A copied and pasted disclosure will be visible at the bottom of each review posted of said product or products, in the following statement:

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