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Pampered by Aveda

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Nothing is more wonderful than being pampered by an Aveda experience. That was how my sister and I felt as we exfoliated our hands with a combination of the Hand Relief and body scrub. After a series of washing and rinsing my hands felt smooth and my shoulders were relaxed. I had no idea I was in need of this treatment.

With hands soft as marshmallows, we glided over to the next station to unveil our scent. Oddly enough we selected the same aroma, then again we are sisters. By this time we were fluttering around the Aveda store and ready to experience more pampering. We learned about which cleansers would work best for our skin and hair. Our day was topped off with sexy hair that left me feeling luxurious and ready to take on the world! Actually it relaxed me so much that I took a sexy nap at home instead.

*Ahhh, Aveda you Rock! Thanks the Establishment LA for the rejuvenating experience and samples.


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