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An afternoon at Griffith Observatory

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On most weekends, Griffith Observatory is visited by numerous hikers, runners, cyclists, and tourists. Not too long ago, Los Angeles was graced with lots of rain for more days than the average Angelino would prefer. It was no wonder that as soon as the sun reminded us about our missed summer days, Griffith Park was flooded with visitors in the middle of winter.

You can find parking near the mouth of the main lot that leads to the Observatory. However, once that lot fills up to capacity, visitors can park their vehicles along the road down the hill. Just above Trails Cafe, there is another lot with a hiking trail that leads up to the Observatory.

Dehydration is easily achieved, if you plan on hiking make so be sure to bring plenty of drinking water. I recommend wearing shoes with thick ridges (such as hiking shoes) to keep from slipping down a hiking path. It’s a good idea to take the usual sun wearing items: sunscreen, hat, light sweater. Most importantly, don’t forget your camera! 😉 You’ll want to capture the beauty that is all around Griffith Park.

You can reserve time for a walking tour of the observatory. Check their website for more information about their shows, events, and tours.

From various vantage points at the observatory, you can view, the Hollywood sign, downtown Los Angeles, Century City, and on very clear days you can also spot Catalina Island.


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