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2010: A Delectable Year

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Shrimp w/Avocado & Mango Salad

As a foodie, I enjoyed snapping photos of the different foods I devoured over the course of 2010. Most of the following photos below were uploaded by yours truly onto Twitter. I have to admit that it has been a strange experience recording what I eat. At first I would sneak out my BlackBerry while no one was looking and click as quickly as possible. Now I just whip out my phone and freely do as I please while I blush for a while. My family and friends find it amusing. This year I look forward to developing my composition and lighting techniques with my little phone’s camera. It’s challenging at times to get my phone to focus on what my eye sees but by judging from the photos I took, I think I figured out the best uses for my “lens”.

Behind the lens~ I used the camera from my BlackBerry 9700 Bold to capture the bulk of my photos. Other photos were taken with my Casio Exilim. All photos were retouched using If you want to use any of the photos for your own purpose please, send me an email-> don’t steal it. Thanks!

Feast your eyes on these:

January: Tom Yum Goong

The cool winter weather draws me to just about any type of soup. This is one of my family’s favorite type of soups from Yai Restaurant. There are several other Thai places we also like to visit in the Hollywood area as well as in the San Gabriel Valley.

February: Romantic Dinner

This year, my husband and I made a point to spend more time together. Now that our boys are older it has been easier to do just that. On one of our date nights, we had dinner at Angelique Café. This place was surprisingly romantic and my niçoise salad was delicious.

April: Me & a sourdough crab from Boudin Bakery

I was feeling courages when I volunteered to chaperone my son’s high school jazz & symphonic band to San Francisco for a competition. Fortunately the kiddos were great and easy to watch over. Our kids rock!! While on our trip we had a free day to tour San Francisco. Here I am at the famous Boudin Bakery holding one of their little critters. Yum!! (sorry, focus is lousy)

May: Heavy Lunching at EuroPane Bakery

During the spring season I enjoyed visiting EuroPane Bakery in Pasadena. They serve the best macaroons east of Los Angeles. One of their popular dishes for lunch is their egg salad sandwich. It was a bit rich for me but otherwise tasty.

June: World Cup Lunch


As many others around the world, I was glued to my television set in June watching the fierce competition of the World Cup. I love soccer every six years and occasionally I enjoy it in-between World Cup events. 😉 They aired aobut three games per day which gave me little time to do my mom work. This photo was representative of what I would slap together while I waited for the next game to start. On this day, I served my guys crackers, heated andoullie sausage, heirloom tomato salad, and grilled string beans. Dear hubby was not too happy with this lean meal. LOL!

July: Tasty Morsels from Fresh & Easy

Fresh & Easy generously sent me some of their scrumptious foods and delicious wine throughout the year. I was lucky to attend a couple of their events as well. The little morsels above were from their Vinos Con Amigos event at the beautiful Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles.

August: Agua de Espinacas

August is usually the hottest month of the year but for some reason (um, global warming?) it was mostly cool. On a rare hot day I discovered that my favorite Mexican market (González Northgate Market) made agua de espinaca/spinach juice; it is sweeten with pineapple juice. It’s surprisingly good and very refreshing.

December: Guatemalan Campechana

We were happy to see Antigua Bread Bakery & Café open in one of our neighboring cities. They have great service and their food is savory. It’s now one of favorite weekend places to visit for breakfast. This bun is lightly sweetened and goes well with cuppa coffee or tea.

This concludes the tour of some of my favorite foodie episodes of 2010. Hope you enjoyed it. Hungry? 😀

*This review was just for fun and I was not approached or asked by anyone linked on this post to write this review.


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