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Pampers’ Every Little Miracle in Los Angeles with Barbara Bermudo


On Tuesday, December 07, Pampers®, the diaper brand committed to making a difference for every Latino parent and baby, right from the start, and announced the start of a robust campaign focused on the belief that every baby is a little miracle and should be celebrated, supported and protected.  The campaign provides new resources and support for Latina moms and their babies in their communities, celebrating the joy every little baby brings into the world.

To mark the campaign launch, dozens of Los Angeles Hispanic moms and babies joined Pampers and the urban artists known as Retna and El Mac for a celebratory event at MacArthur Park Primary Center in Los Angeles, a pre-school and kindergarten center with a 95 percent Hispanic student population. Pampers introduced the different campaign elements at the event, including the donation of a new school mural that will be developed over the next weeks by the two artists. The new artistic creation will be titled “Every Little Miracle” and was commissioned by Pampers to portray the real-life miracle stories of many Latino babies as told by their families.

Jennifer, Me, Bárbara Bermudo, Marcela, & Liz (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hutcheson)

Showing her support for the launch of Pampers Miracles campaign, Bárbara Bermudo, the brand’s Hispanic spokesperson, made a special appearance at the event just seven weeks after giving birth to her second daughter, Camila Andrea. I couldn’t believe she had a baby so recently- Bermudo looked amazing! Her warm and down to earth demeanor is a perfect fit for Pampers new campaign.

With the “Every Little Miracle” campaign, Pampers is also introducing its Madrinas network – a group of warm, engaging Latinas who will assist new moms to do the best they can to support their baby’s happy, healthy development. Through this new program, Pampers will offer moms the opportunity to opt-in to receive tips and information through a mobile messaging platform, and to join the Pampers Madrinas network at

I visited the Pampers Latino Facebook page and was thrilled to see it growing. I only wish I had such a platform to be a part of when my boys were still in diapers. The information shared on this site is invaluable to new moms and moms who want to learn more about how they can provide the best care for their little miracles.

Spokesperson and Honorary Madrina, Bárbara Bermudo, Family with their little miracle, and Kenny from Pampers

In mid-November, Pampers launched the campaign’s Spanish-language TV ad spots – celebrating every baby as a little miracle regardless of his/her background and personal story. The brand also unveiled a mommy blog and video series that it created with Bermudo on its new Facebook page. Now mothers who want to follow Bermudo’s journey as a second time mom and share useful parenting tips, can do so through a friendly and supportive online community.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hutcheson

Abrazos amigas!! Tweeting at the event with Liz from Thoughts of a Mommy and Marcela from Culture Mami.

*Thank you Pampers for embracing Latinos with your new campain- Every Little Miracle and your Facebook page Pampers Latino.

Although I received compensation for this post, the thoughts I shared are unbiased.


3 thoughts on “Pampers’ Every Little Miracle in Los Angeles with Barbara Bermudo

  1. I love that tweeting picture of the 3 of us!

  2. What can I say I caught you ladies in a “tweeting frenzy”! 🙂 And yet you all managed to have that perfect smile ready for the camera! lol!

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