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Singing Sweetly


“La, la, la, laaaaa”, ahem. I forgot. I can’t sing. Fortunately the artist I listened to at an event I went to, can. Quite sweetly too. 😉

Photo is courtesy of the Honey Board

The National Honey Board hosted an event at the Boom Boom Room Recording Studio in Burbank. Five-time Grammy Award winning producer, composer, vocal coach and vocal arranger, Kenny O’Brien spoke to guest about the soothing elements of honey. As you may know, singers are a type of vocal athletes. LOL! You know what I mean. He explained how honey is used by vocal artist- ”The best known voices in the world use honey to soothe their throat,” says O’Brien, who has worked with singers like Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion. He also explained how he uses it whenever he has a cold too.

He later took us into the lovely kitchen of the recording studio and whipped up a remedy he often suggests his clients to use. I was one of the many who were surprised to learn how cider vinegar and honey can blend so nicely together.  Yes! I did say cider vinegar with honey.

Music artists: Gustavo Galindo and Pilar Diaz (accompanied by guitarist, Gloria Estrada)

Afterwards guest were treated to a mini concert. I had the perfect seat of the “house”- front, centered and, just a few feet away. We had the pleasure of listening to Pilar Diaz and Gustavo Galindo sing to us. The singing artists agreed that natural honey is a soothing element.



Down below is a sample of what I experienced that afternoon.

The following are some helpful tips from Kenny O’Brien to help keep your throat feeling like a champ this winter:

  • Keep warm in cold climate – Keep your neck and head covered in cold weather by wearing a hat and scarf.
  • Maintain energy– Honey is a natural energy booster and a tablespoon of honey during vocal training or while on tour helps maintain energy.
  • Stay hydrated – Water, juice, tea with honey and clear broth help replace lost fluids.

For recipes and additional tips, send me an email. Just click on the contact page on my blog for the address.

Thank you National Honey Board for such a sweet afternoon as well as for the scarf, big cup and, yummy natural honey.

Sticky Besos!!

*The above review on this post is unbiased. I have not received monetary compensation to write this review, although I may have received a party favor that may or may not have been part of this review.


2 thoughts on “Singing Sweetly

  1. Love your recap! Very col that you posted the video!! Thanks amiga!

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