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Latino2 Conference in LA


About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Latino2 conference at the convention center in downtown Los Angeles. The mission of the group is dedicated to gathering Latinos in social media from across the nation. We, from the blogosphere, were amongst the many who were present. Other media related business folks were also in attendance as well as people from public relation firms & journalists.

I enjoyed key note speaker, Brian Solis. He stated the importance of building relationships with your audience versus growing your community, (content vs quantity). The key to reaching your audience is to take the time to get to know them when using social media outlets such as Twitter or Facebook. The growth will follow the content.

They had several panelists discussions regarding the world of media and its reach within the realm of Latinos. Businesses are starting to notice the power of this rapidly growing market. Discussions from panelists included the following:

  • Mommy Bloggers, Elisa Batista, Liz Cerezo, Ana Flores, and Silvia Martinez invited the audience to a Q&A about the blogosphere. I could relate to many of the topics they covered, (being approached by PR folks, the differences between journalism & blogging, and much more.)
  • Giovanni Rodriguez talked about marketing to the Latino community. It is a largely diverse group which can make it difficult for some marketers to understand how to tap into the Latino market without clumping us into one stereotype. Rodriguez also discussed the difficulties of “friending” your family members on Facebook. Would you “friend” your mom? Grandparent? I sure wouldn’t. LOL!! I DO have a cut-off point. (Sorry momma.)
  • Jennifer Vides and her panel discussed methods to approach the Latino community. Do business websites dedicate a separate page for this market or do they create a whole website just targeting Latinos? They also discussed how advertisers can potentially create more noise by using social media outlets.
  • Elianne Ramos moderated the Q&A panel with Cross-Border Marketing Agency, VRTCCOM. They discussed the differences between marketing to Mexico versus marketing to Latinos in the United States. It surprised me to learn how much more Mexico has embraced the powers of social media over the American Latinos. Talk about buzz noise!!

Angel & Elianne

It was very exciting to meet my LATISM (Latinos in social media) buddies too. Actually, it was a bit weird and overwhelming. Elianne put it best~> “Looking at everyone here is like seeing the avatars from Twitter with legs.” OMGosh!! No kidding.

You can sometimes find me on Twitter chatting with the group on Thursday nights. I loved visiting with many of my other twitter friends as well as some of my bloggy amigas that I haven’t seen in while too (well, in real life that is.) Unfortunately our time was short plus I was distracted by my grumbling stomach.

My bloggy amigas!! Saray, Me, Dariela, Sylvia, Eva, Janis, Ana, & Lisa

Link  to my bloggy amigas & amigo!!

Saray from Mother’s Utopia

Dariela from Mami Talks

Eva from Tech.Food.Life

Janis from Sneak Peek At Me

Lisa from The Grant Hunter

Angel Magaña from Cheleguanaco

Just scroll  to Mommy Bloggers for Sylvia’s and Ana’s link .

Investor & Business Coach, Bill Walsh

The evening was topped off with parting words from venture capitalist and business coach, Bill Walsh at La Fonda. As much as I wanted to nibble on my fingers from the hunger I was feeling, I had to listen to Mr. Walsh speak. After all, he had flown by private charter plane from San Diego to speak to the group.

Walsh addressed business investments, building traffic and, digital media. Walsh also spoke about the challenges small businesses have when looking for additional capital to fund their ventures. He stressed the importance of developing value in your business before approaching and pitching investors. I was also impressed when he said to never give up your dreams. Something I have done because, I feel as though time has passed me by. Maybe it’s time to make some adjustments to my future goals.

The Latino2 is a traveling conferencing that will tour various metropolitan cities throughout the United States. Next stop? New York!! I hope you will get an opportunity to attend one of these conferences, it was very informative.

After listening to Mr. Walsh speak, my friend Janis and I raced to Tommy’s Hamburgers in the Rampart Village. The yummy greasy burgers were worth every calorie!! *slurps*


Yummy Caloric Rich Tommy's Burger



2 thoughts on “Latino2 Conference in LA

  1. What an excellent resumen of what happened, I really think you spelled it all out in a perfect way, love the way you displayed the pictures too! Thanks so much for the link!!

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