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Scott’s Bien Hecho


As a mother of teens, education is of the utmost importance in my life. It’s so important to me that I myself have overcome obstacles to complete my college degree earning two Associates– next up will be my Bachelors. As a Latina, living in a mixed community of mostly Latinos and Asians, it frustrates me to see the educational gap stay stagnant for years and years.

It warmed my heart to learn what my friend Michelle Jasso, from my old book group, was doing to help close that gap. She struggled for more than two years to open up a charter school that would benefit the Latino community. It was her strong desire and determination to have her school in an area of Los Angeles that was riddled with poverty.

Currently her school services the Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, Downtown, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, and East Los Angeles areas. About 94% of her students are Latinos. Michelle and her team work hard to mold their students into high achievers with their minds set on higher education. I love what she has done to help the Latino community grow.

This is why it brings me great joy to nominate Michelle Jasso in the Scott Tissue Bien Hecho contest. Unlike public education, her charter school is highly dependent on investors and the generosity of others to finance this venture. Please visit Endeavor College Prep’s website for more information.

Good luck Michelle!!


2 thoughts on “Scott’s Bien Hecho

  1. Your friend sounds like a wonderful determined human being.

    Speaking of friend…Gracias, Amiga for all the love and support you have sent my way. I am truly touched.

    • Thank you Mami!! Yes, Michelle is someone I admire for all that she does in the world of education. I love her devotion.

      On side note: I’m still keeping hopeful for you and your little one. My love and support is there for you Mami.

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