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Community driven by Visionary Sounds Music Festival 2010


Visionary Sounds Music Festival~Gustavo Galindo at the Bang Gallery

Lucky me, I won two tickets to the Visionary Sounds Music Festival in August while chatting on Twitter with the LATISM group (Latinos In Social Media). The tickets were courtesy of El Cafècito by Cafè Media. The event was held the same day my guys returned from summer camp with their Boy Scout Troop. Surprisingly my husband agreed to accompany me to the music festival despite the fact that he was tired and sunburned. After a hearty meal and a nap, we headed out into the evening.

The music festival was held in the heart of the art district located in downtown Los Angeles. With two stages, one located at the Bang Gallery and the other at La Cita Bar. Guests were treated to the eclectic sounds of live Latino bands and DJ’s. As an added bonus they had a central location to not only check-in but also eat choosing from a variety of food trucks. The lounge area, I believe, was sponsored by Jarritos.

Some of the proceeds earned that evening were donated to a local charity group- Proyecto Pastoral from Boyle Heights. It warmed my heart to learn about some of the services Proyecto Pastoral offers their community. Some of these services include- an early childhood education center, a student outreach program, a safety program (walking local kids safely to & from school), a thrift store, and a homeless program. Wow!! That truly is a proactive group.

My husband and I enjoyed venue hopping and listening to the many bands play. Nos dio gusto to learn that one of my hubby’s guys from work was on the playlist. He is a local DJ named Sloe Poke– we had never listened to him play before. Sadly we got to the event too late and missed him by an hour. 😦

Jarritos Lounge Area, Giant Jarritos Lamp, & Korean Tacos

After a couple of hours, we rested a bit at the Jarritos lounge area and ate a couple of Korean tacos. I had heard so much hype about them that I was excited to taste the tacos. Ehhhhh…. although it was tasty, my taste buds were very confused. Es taco o Korean barbecue? It was definitely the latter on a tortilla with kimchi to boot.

Me and my very toasty hubby.

There were quite a lot of people at the music festival. It pleased us to see so many Latinos supporting this event. Mil gracias Cafè Media, El Cafècito and Latism for the tickets!! We had a great time and look forward to going again next year with some friends on tow.



5 thoughts on “Community driven by Visionary Sounds Music Festival 2010

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  2. I keep hearing about Korean tacos. They even have them at California Pizza Kitchen.

  3. Sounds like a very fun event!! I haven’t had Korean tacos, but I’ve tried Korean bbq ribs and they are yummy!!! 🙂

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