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Mootopia in Huntington Beach


Over the weekend I took my boys out for a little drive to Huntington Beach in Orange County for the Surfing Championships. Nope. We are not surfing fans nor do we have an inkling about how they compete other than people hop on a board, paddle, wait, wait, wait for that perfect wave, and ride said wave. We were there to see Mootopia and all the other vendor booths at the beach.

Mootopia in Huntington Beach

They had numerous earth friendly, nature loving, good for you booths out on the beach. I nearly signed-up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) to deliver farmed fresh produce to my casita. Ay mama!!

At the Mootopia booth- I got a French braid & big J challenged Musculous to an arm wrestle.

After touring the booths at the beach we took a peek at the surfers. Then we headed up to the street where they had more booths. We pigged-out at the chili contest and had fun watching various street performers. They had live music out on the beach as well as up on the street. Qué chévere!! We had a great time out at Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach Pier 317


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    Looked like fun…

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