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Hola Mexico Film Festival

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Posters of the Hola Mexico Film Festival at the entry of the ArchLight Cinema in Hollywood.

Now that my boys are older it seems as though my husband I have more time to *date* each other again. Often we choose to catch a main stream movie on the big screen.  We usually tend to sway towards flicks that not just entertain but will also have something worth discussing long after we leave the theater.

Recently I won two VIP tickets from Café Media’s newsletter El Cafecito to the Hola Mexico Film Festival. They have several movies listed that are touring select metropolitan cities throughout the U.S., with Los Angeles being one of them. All the films were made and produced in Mexico. What a treat!

Growing up, I was forced to watch very poorly made Mexican films. Actually they were very entertaining, but they all seemed to have the same plot: rags to riches. During the Juan Gabriel heydays, my mom took us to see one of his movies at the drive-in that was a *rags to riches* story. My husband and I have seen numerous Vincent Fernandez movie re-runs on TV – all of which have been *rags to riches*.

Director of La Mitad del Mundo, Jaime Ruiz Ibáñez

Reviewing the list to select my movie pick from the Hola Mexico Film Festival, I was very excited to read the synopsis of each film. Diversity in plots has definitely been achieved since the last Vincent Fernandez movie I have watched. Our choice: La Mitad del Mundo/Half of the World, directed by Jaime Ruiz Ibáñez.

The film has a poetic rhythm that we found to be very original in storyline. Mingo, played by Hansel Ramírez, is a young man with an intellectual disability. We were very impressed with Hansel’s interpretation of Mingo. He was very convincing. Mingo lives and works with his mother selling poultry to the townspeople. He falls in love with a young lady from his town but is not able to express it to her. While making his deliveries one day, he has an experience that awakens his sexual desires. An older woman in his town takes advantage of him for her pleasures and introduces him to her friends who have been feeling sexually suppressed. The town’s sexual inhibitions are funneled through Mingo in this story.

Folks, the movie is very explicit and if you have never seen a European film or Latin film you will be very shocked by the lack of modesty. If you can get past that initial shock, you will find this story to be filled with plenty of fodder that will last longer than a coffee talk.

Hansel Ramírez with my hubby and I!


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