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Lunch at Elements Cafe in Pasadena


Elements Cafe

Lunch at Elements Café

Part of last week, Los Angeles was shadowed with patchy clouds that blotched the skies in an ugly gray hue.  On Friday however, the afternoon was beau ti ful showcasing fluffy clouds against a bright blue sky.  My friend Dawn suggested we have lunch at Elements Café in Old Town Pasadena. “The food is freakin awesome!” Well if she thinks it’s “freakin awesome” how can I say no to a discriminating chef whose palate is more defined than my own.
The three us of ladies decided to sit outside to soak up the fresh air. I love having lunch or dinner with my friend Dawn because I know the meal will be an experience. Friday at Elements Café was no exception.
Lunch at Elements Café

Dawn, Monica, and Me

We salivated over the menu as Dawn began to describe to us ladies [Monica and myself] all the dishes she had eaten on previous visits.  She made her recommendations and highly recommended we share the  Mac n’ cheese with Wild mushrooms and truffle oil among the three of us. I don’t eat cheese but I couldn’t resist sampling the dish.
Monica ordered the Elements’ Cheese Steak Sandwich with tri-tip, caramelized onions, spicy pickled green bell pepper, garlic aioli, Tomme Pilota [gourmet cheese], in a Euro Pane baguette. Dawn and I shared the Curry Chicken Sandwich with dried cranberries, toasted cashews, Madras curry on a House foccacia roll.  It was so hard to decide what to eat that we also split the Roasted Acorn Squash with chicken confit, wild rice, brussels sprouts, chestnuts, and golden raisins. Bon appetit ladies!
Shared entrée and side

Mouth watering Mac n' cheese

Lunch enterées at Elements Café

Splitting lunch enterées

The staff at Elements Café was friendly and helpful. I look forward to bringing my guys to visit this place in the near future.  Actually, I’ll make any excuse to come here again just so I can have the opportunity to sample more of their awesome food.
Elements Café is one of two restaurants in Pasadena, the other location is Elements Kitchen on El Molino. We visited the one located on Fair Oaks sitting out under the big yellow umbrellas. It’s near the shops along Colorado Boulevard but we opted out from venturing there. Too much temptation in one day.

3 thoughts on “Lunch at Elements Cafe in Pasadena

  1. Catalina!!!!

    I LOOOOOOOOVe this!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

    Hi Dawn!!!!

  2. Yummmmmmmy!!! Now I’m hungry LOL

    Great blog!!

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